Apple Teams Up With JASMY?! 🤯

AAPL and JASMY, altcoin charts near breakout, ETH ETF updates, and GameFi news


Apple Teams Up With JASMY?! 🤯 

When Bloomberg came out with an alert that Elon Musk was advising President Trump on cryptocurrency policy, the market went from dull to marginally alive. In fact, the momentum appears to have fizzled out entirely. 🚬 

The Musk-Trump news was a sort of nothing-burger. So far. But what isn’t a nothing burger is the main story of today’s Litepaper.

In today’s Litepaper, we’re looking at one of the more unexpected events for crypto in 2024: Apple ($AAPL) partnering with $JASMY in Japan. The JASMY stream has been going nuts today.

Also on deck: A look at $AVAX’s and $ALGO’s charts because they’re very close to breaking out, as well as some ETH ETF updates and GameFi news.

Before we dive in, here’s today’s crypto market heatmap:

And here’s a look at crypto’s total and altcoin market cap YTD:

JasmyCoin and Apple 🍎 

$JASMY just scored big. If you're in Japan and rocking an iPhone, you can now integrate JasmyCoin right into your device. Apple ($AAPL) has given the thumbs-up to this Japanese blockchain project, making it a breeze to manage your digital assets on the go. 🌬️ 

Adding to the excitement, there are whispers that JasmyCoin might soon power Japan’s My Number Card on iPhones, streamlining digital ID and personal data management. This could massively boost JasmyCoin’s utility and adoption, making it a cornerstone of digital security in Japan.

For those not in the know, JasmyCoin is all about securing IoT devices and protecting personal data. In an era where data breaches and privacy issues are rampant, JasmyCoin offers a solution that's not only innovative but essential. 🔒️ 

The $JASMY stream on Stocktwits today has been nucking futs - just insane amounts of messaging going on. The Stocktwits Sentiment Data is all the way in the extremely bullish zone and the message volume is about to hit very high.

No word yet if this might expand to other countries - but if we hear anything, we'll make sure to let you know. 👍️ 

Avalanche and Algorand Near Breakout Levels 😱 

There’s a good number of altcoins at or near breakout levels, and two of those are Algorand and Avalanche. But before we take look at them, we need to look at the Bitcoin dominance chart. 👀 

Bitcoin Dominance Weekly Chart - Click to enlarge.

$BTC’s share of the total crypto market cap took a hit last week, moving from 56.07% to 53.88%. It’s since made a new 8-week low and is currently testing the 20-week moving average.

This is an important chart to watch, along with the altcoin market cap chart. Crypto bulls have been waiting for Alt Season to begin. And when that happens, we’ll see sharp declines in Bitcoin’s share of the market. ⤵️ 

AVAXUSD Daily Chart - Click to enlarge.

Avalanche’s sentiment score and message volume are almost dead center in the neutral ratings. However, if you look at how close $AVAX’s daily candlestick is to the near-term resistance at $37.00, you can bet your ass a breakout and close above the trendline and 20-day MA will move the message volume and sentiment scores. 💯 

ALGOUSD Daily Chart - Click to enlarge.

$ALGO has been churning and churning and churning to get above its 20-day MA, and now the bulls are working on the 200-day MA. And just look at that 200-day MA: flat as hell. But it appears Algorand’s bulls are playing it safe, and that’s not a bad idea.

Bulls are probably looking for a close above the May 27 close of $0.196. If they can pull that off, that will be the highest close in over 30 days. 👍️ 

ETH ETFs: Fidelity, BlackRock Forge Ahead, Hashdex Steps Back 👢 

The Ethereum ETF saga just got a whole lot juicier. Fidelity and BlackRock are diving into the Ethereum ETF pool, while Hashdex quietly sneaks out the back door. 🌐

Some of the big named ETH ETFs are already listed on the DTCC’s site:


BlackRock isn't sitting on the sidelines, either. They just updated their S-1 filing for a spot Ethereum ETF, proving they're all in. If they get the green light, BlackRock's Ethereum ETF could flood the market with institutional cash, making it easier for the big boys to jump on the Ethereum bandwagon.

Hashdex Waves the White Flag

Meanwhile, Hashdex is quietly bowing out, withdrawing its application for a spot Ether ETF. No fanfare, no drama—just a silent retreat. Maybe they're waiting for clearer regulatory skies, or maybe they're rethinking their game plan. Either way, their exit doesn't put a damper on the excitement surrounding Ethereum ETFs, especially with heavyweights like Fidelity and BlackRock charging ahead. 🤷 

A Brand New “Trends With Friends” 🍿

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Watch the latest on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple, and subscribe to catch each episode when it goes live!

GameFi and NFT News

Spielworks Snags Web3 MMORPG Chainmonsters 🎮

Big moves in blockchain gaming: Spielworks just acquired Chainmonsters, a cutting-edge Web3 MMORPG. 🎮

Chainmonsters is an MMORPG that uses blockchain tech to deliver a unique gameplay experience. Players can capture, trade, and battle digital monsters in an open-world setting, with true ownership of in-game assets.

As traditional gaming companies continue to collapse and fire developers, there’s a growing trend of some companies and former devs dive into blockchain gaming. Acquisitions like this may become more common. 🌐

STR8Fire Genesis NFTs - Gone In Seconds

Well, that didn’t last long. the Genesis NFT collection last only a few seconds on OpenSea before everything sold. 🔥 

This collection is part of a larger trend where fashion meets technology, offering a glimpse into the future of digital identity and expression. By owning STR8Fire Genesis NFTs, collectors believe they’re investing in the future of fashion. Or something like that. 👕 

Crypto News In Three Sentences 📰

📈 Milei Rubs Elbows with Silicon Valley Titans

Argentina's presidential candidate Javier Milei met top tech execs in Silicon Valley to lure investments and innovation to Argentina. He's clearly aiming to turn the country into a tech hub. This tech tour is Milei's big play for stronger Argentina-tech industry ties. Cointelegraph has more.

🐶 Trader Drops $2M on Dogecoin Calls

A bold trader just bet $2 million on $DOGE call options, banking on a memecoin surge. With memecoin mania in full swing, the stakes are high. Dogecoin's market buzz is heating up with this massive wager. From CoinDesk.

🚫 CME Squashes Solana Futures Rumors

The $CME shot down rumors of launching $SOL futures, citing regulatory hurdles. Solana's shaky classification as a security is a big roadblock. Solana enthusiasts will need to keep waiting for any ETF action. Full story at Coincu.

🔒 Bank of America's Big Data Leak

Bank of America ($BAC) accidentally leaked the names and Social Security numbers of 1,883 pension members. This slip-up puts a lot of people at risk of identity theft. Not a great look for the bank's security measures. From Cybernews.

🕵️‍♂️ NFT Market Rife with Scams, Says US Treasury

The US Treasury's latest report exposes rampant fraud and scams in the NFT market. The report calls for tighter controls to protect investors. Interestingly, the report did not mention the magical money printing machines owned by the Fed and the Treasury Department. Cryptopolitan has more.

💸 Fake Iggy Azalea Memecoin Scam Nets $380K

A shady crypto handler scammed $380,000 with a fake Iggy Azalea memecoin. Investors looking to cash in on celebrity hype got burned. This scam highlights the risks of jumping on the memecoin bandwagon, or throwing money at celebrity branded anything, really. More from Decrypt.

💰 Ripple Throws Another $25M at Pro-Crypto PAC

Ripple ($XRP) tossed another $25 million into the FairShake PAC, doubling down on its political push. With $50 million total, they're aiming to sway crypto-friendly legislation. Ripple's not holding back in its political advocacy. DailyCoin has more.

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