A Bottle Rocket To The Nuts Hurts Less

ATOM, OP, DOT, and the total market cap charts along with how much was flushed from the market


A Bottle Rocket To The Nuts Hurts Less

Here’s a visual exercise for you: My brother was a fireman and used to send us pictures of the kind of calls he got on the Fourth of July. What kind of pictures? Oh, pictures like what happens to your hand and fingers when you don’t let go of an explosive 😱

I won’t share those pictures, but if you use your imagination, that’s pretty much what the crypto market looks like.  

In today’s Litepaper, we’re looking at just how ugly the market has been over this week.

Also on deck: the very ugly liquidations over the past 24 hours. 📰

Before we dive in, here’s today’s crypto market heatmap:

And here’s a look at crypto’s total and altcoin market cap YTD:

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Technically Speaking 🎉

How much lower can things go? Is bottom in? Did we hit the low? Those are just some of the questions going through everyone’s minds. Let’s take a peek at some of the big movers. 😢 


ATOMUSD Daily Chart - Click to enlarge.

Ooof. Say what you will about that juicy 14% to 18% yield; it doesn’t make up for $ATOM’s slow, painful, and unyielding move lower.

And I mean slow and unyielding like an old man backing up his 94’ Crown Victoria over a handicapped sign.

It just made new 3.5 year lows today. At one point, it was down -15.62%, but it’s since recovered the majority of that loss and is presently down only -4.07%. 😨 


OPUSD Weekly Chart - Click to enlarge.

If there’s one cryptocurrency with name/title that is just really, really bad right now, it’s $OP’s. I mean, if you flipped the chart upside down you could be optimistic, as it is though? Dumpster fire.

Optimism is currently in a historically strong support zone. And at the same time, the RSI has hit new all-time lows on a weekly and daily timeframe. 🫢 


DOTUSD Daily Chart - Click to enlarge.

Not everything is down and out today. There are some altcoins that look almost exactly like $DOT’s daily chart above.

At one point, Polkadot was down -11.51% before clawing back all of it back. And since then, it’s continued to move higher where, at the time of writing, it’s up +6.01%. That means from the intraday low bulls pushed DOT higher by nearly 20%. 🤯 

Crypto Total Market Cap

Crypto Total Market Cap Weekly Chart - Click to enlarge.

We’ve got a few days left until this week’s candlestick closes. And if things remain unchanged throughout the weekend (unlikely), the crypto market is on its way to its worst week since FTX’s collapse in November 2022.

So, is the low in? Further to go? What do you think? Let’s watch what happens this weekend. 👀 

Liquidations. Ouch. 🤕

According to CoinGlass’s liquidation data, a metric crap ton of leveraged money has been flushed out of the crypto market. How much? 🤔 

CoinGlass Liquidations - Click to enlarge.

Nearly $650 million.

And $530 million of that was from long positions. 

Now, we’ve certainly seen liquidations in excess of $650 million, but when volume and participation in the market are at or near 2020 lows, $650 million is a boatload of money. 🛥️ 

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Crypto News In Three Sentences 📰

💸 Phishing Scammers Swipe $314 Million in First Half of 2024

Crypto phishing scams have stolen a jaw-dropping $314 million in the first half of 2024, surpassing last year’s total of $295 million. Over 260,000 victims fell for malicious “Permit” transactions, with some losing millions. Stay vigilant: know the common phishing tricks and double-check every transaction before you sign. CoinGabbar has more.

🔓 Bittensor Exposes $8 Million Hack Vulnerability 

Bittensor ($TAOAI) had to halt operations after a wallet hack drained $8 million worth of TAO tokens. A malicious package in the PyPi Package Manager compromised user security by stealing coldkey details. The team has fortified their defenses and is working with exchanges to trace the stolen funds. From Bitcoinist.

🎁 PancakeSwap Airdrops 2.4M ZK Tokens to Boost Engagement 

PancakeSwap ($CAKE) is rewarding its users with a 2.4 million ZK token airdrop, starting July 5 and running until August 5. Eligible users include veCAKE holders, liquidity providers, and active traders. This initiative celebrates surpassing $3 billion in trading volume and aims to encourage further engagement with zkSync PancakeSwap. More from Cointelegraph.

🇩🇪 German Lawmaker Wants Bitcoin as Strategic Reserve 

German politician Joana Cotar is urging the government to stop selling Bitcoin and instead hold it as a strategic reserve currency. Cotar argues that Bitcoin can hedge against inflation and enhance Germany’s economic sovereignty. Despite recent sales, Germany still holds over 40,000 $BTC, valued at around $2.3 billion. Full story at CryptoGlobe.

🪙 Mt. Gox Finally Starts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Repayments 

After nearly a decade, Mt. Gox has begun repaying Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to its creditors. This marks a significant milestone for the infamous exchange, which collapsed in 2014 after losing 744,408 bitcoins. The repayment process has started, causing additional selling pressure on the Bitcoin market. Crypto Briefing has more.

📧 Bankman-Fried Family Emails Expose Deep Ties to FTX Finances 

New emails reveal that Sam Bankman-Fried’s family was deeply involved in managing FTX’s finances, with his father, Alan, introducing exec Ryan Salame to tax lawyers about millions withdrawn from Alameda Research. His brother, Gabriel, directed political contributions and sought $5 million for his advocacy group, while his mother, Barbara, asked for $92,000 for research projects. From Protos.

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